Fanatic Stubby 7'10 LTD Foil Edition

Fanatic Stubby 7'10  LTD Foil Edition

Fanatic Stubby 7'10 LTD Foil Edition

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Fanatic Stubby 7'10  LTD Foil Edition - 2018 Edition

The Stubby '18 Foil Edition adds another dimension to our parallel rail shape. Fly above any ripple or dig your rails deep in a clean wall – you decide on the setup you ride. Our Stubby Foil Edition comes in the same shape as our Stubby LTD and offers the same easy and controlled flow if you decide to ride your regular Thruster fins.

The Stubby offers a fantastic amount of performance ridden with the Thruster fins, where some wide tail parrellel shapes work better with Quad fins. We found that the Stubby 7'10 - with its drawn in tail shape pivots really well in turns and plentiful hold can be acheived no matter how hard you push it. 
Once you change to the Foil - This creates a whole new dynamic. Catch waves of any size way before they hit the reef and ride them with new lines and a totally different approach. The adjustable track mount system with two longer US tracks allows the use of different foils and finding their individual sweet spot. To note - the stability of the board is increased massively when the foil is added.

Additionally we equipped the Stubby Foil with strap inserts for optional Windsurf-Foiling. The greatest variety of multisport-use combined in one package.

Does not include foil - foil is purchased seperatly - We can package up with a foil and offer a discount




Volume 95 litres


28.5” / 72.4 cm


7'10” / 238.8 cm


5x Multi-Box / 2x Track for Foil 4-Way System / 3x StubbyWave 5" (Futures Box) / RTM

Recommended User Weight

60-85 kg

Mast track insert - yes

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