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Takuma Foil Access

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The easiest all round hydro-foil available on the market .
The  new Takuma Access foil is made to enjoy the unique foil feeling with an appropriate choice for beginners, medium and advanced riders. With a massive stability and the best low speed lift ever, The V100 is the easiest foil on the market. One all round hydro-foil to do everything ! Surf, SUP and also wind sports like Kitesurfing ,Windsurf and Windsup for the ultimate downwind experience ! 
Want to Surf with this foil...? It is superb for small, mushy waves .

The Access foils front wing concave and it’s compact shape is identical to the Takuma V-100 foil .

What We think !

After 4 attempts each spending around an hour on this foil , Im happy to say it works and the feeling is very addictive ! I mounted the foil on a 8'0 Hypernut which seems to work great i have the back of the mast at 46cm from the tail of the board. Back foot placement over the foil is crucial and we would advise anyone trying for there first attempts to wear a helmet and buoyancy vest.  Takuma foils are Awesome and very well made and i've only ridden mine a few times, I can see so much potential already. 

Weight - 6.3kg

- 40 cm (red anodized) : Easy to learn and fly / shallow water - 
- 60cm (red anodized) : All round mast for most of the water sports - SOLD AS STANDARD 
- 70 cm (red anodized) : For even more sensations on downwind, kitesurfing and windsurfing 
: 1245cm2 front wing 
- Anodized Mast aluminium 60cm 
- Front Wing Carbon & HK fibreglass (59cm x 26cm) 
- Fuselage anodized aluminium 65cm 
- Carbon stabilizer 3K (38cm x 11cm) 
- Top plate 4 points board attachment into 2 US Boxes ( Universal size : 9cm x 16,5cm)
US boxes not supplied.
- Bag
- All Bolts ready to Assemble 
- Access Full foil weight - 6.3kg  
FREE SHIPPING - (Excl Scottish Highlands & Europe)- Contact us for a Shipping quote WORLDWIDE
Retro fitting this foil with 2 US Boxes.
This can be done relatively easily, but you'll probably want to take the board to your nearest repair guy or girl unless you have all the tools. 
The best option is to set x 2 US boxes in a High density PVC foam reinforcement block and then this is then set into the board with carbon and glass epoxy reinforcement.
The other alternative is to buy a Takuma foil board which has these already . There are many choices of SUP or Surfboard or even foilboard specific . Complete with foil and get 10% OFF your total bill 
Let us know !
What's important is to have a board with a wide area and volume in tail so the foil can be kept at the right angle whilst paddling to catch waves or bumps so you don't feel the drag. 




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