Takuma 6'1 Foil Surfboard

Takuma 6'1 Foil Surfboard

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Takuma 6’1 DBS foil surfboard


This relatively compact shape allows great Reactivity , Agility and Versatility to the rider.

The Board can be ridden in a traditional surfing sense setup in Quad  or remove the surfing fins and fit a hydro foil to the universal US boxes with a universal fixing plate used by most of the brands. (not supplied)

A wide tail with generous volume to ctach the smallest mush burger waves 

Foils using a Tuttle box (Go foil pictured) will have to be fitted into a universal plate adaptor.




  • 6’1’’ x 22’’ 3/4  x 2 7/8 : 44L



  • Full sandwich wood
  • Reinforced PVC Foil position


  • 4 futures fin boxes - fins supplied
  • 2 US fin boxes ( foil position)
  • 2 leash plugs
  • NO FOIL is Supplied with this board
  • Front footstrap inserts (no straps)

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