Indoor SUP Polo - 1hr Team price

Indoor SUP Polo - 1hr Team price

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SUP Polo 

10th March is now booked - If you would like a game please get in touch and we'll book a date with the pool 

AS not to run the risk of loosing out on a pool session we have to pay for ....SUP Polo sessions will now have to be booked in advance - we need at least 2 weeks notice to give the pool .Please let us know if you're interested in booking a game . Thanks 

Maybe you've seen it or heard about it ...the exhilarating board/ ball sport of SUP Polo !!

Highly energising and addictively challenging, two teams of 4 battle it out to retrieve the ball with specially made paddles and shoot or throw the ball into the goal at either end of the pool.

The rules of SUP Polo are pretty simple: The field is the full length of the 25m long pool x 15 metres (5 lanes) and it’s three-a-side. You’ve gotta use your paddle to get the ball into the net in order to score. You can’t handle the ball while you’re on your knees or in the water, which is an important point to note because you WILL be in the water during SUP Polo.

The halves are usually around 5 minutes each, which sounds short but will seriously tax your lungs: This game is not only fun, it’s also a hell of a good workout. 

A 1 hour session gives plenty of 5 minute each way games and time to relax in the pool. Please arrive by 7.45 pm 

You can bring a forth (5) person as a sub/ reserve - You'll need another team of 4 to play you , so suggest to your mates

SUP Polo sessions

Come and have a go at SUP Polo you must be 10 years or over and be able to swim.

What the sessions cost 

Whether you're new to the sport or like the sound of the warm environment - Sessions are £60 for 4 people for an hour. ( 8 people maximum per session) the 5th person can be a SUB when you want to sit a game out.

You'll need another team of 4 to play you otherwise the session will be postponed - We'll do our very best to find a Team to play you!

What the sessions include

Changing room facilities and showers

The stand up paddle board sessions at Penlan include use of the inflatable boards and SUP polo paddles

Car parking is free and available outside the centre

Where to meet and what to wear ?

Come to the sessions as if you were going to go for a swim with suitable bathing costumes and towel.Tell the reception you're here for SUP Polo.

Find Penlan leisure centre at - Swansea SA5 7BU

You may also want to wear a T shirt.

We have use of the whole 8 lane swimming pool at Penlan 

Can my family come and watch?

Yes, there is viewing for non participants.  

Fine Details

You must be able to swim to take part in these session 

If there is not a date on here you can make .....? We can put on a session for you........GET IN TOUCH !  


Lesson is given by  ASI Trained instructors

For more info on levels click here

  • All sessions booked and payed for are non refundable (unless you can find people to replace yourself)


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