Quickblade 'V' drive 81 FG/CA

Quickblade 'V' drive 81 FG/CA

Quickblade 'V' drive 81 FG/CA

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V Drive - 81 sq/In FG/CA Mocha

This paddle concept was created and shaped by legendary Waterman Dave Kalama.

Its design features a unique scooped V section that’s edges create a double dihedral for enhanced stability during the power application.

The results offer a very stable yet effective power phase with an effortless exit.

Great for catching waves, racing and touring.


The SUP Hut tested the V drive in comparison with another branded paddle with a very similar blade size. There was a noticable difference in torque with the branded paddle , this was noticed to make this paddle flutter slightly. The V drive however seemed to catch and offer a slightly softer stroke effort, which over a 100 metre sprint meant less fatigue was felt using the V drive paddle. 


'Whether you feel it or not there is definately something going on with the 'V drive' concept to make the paddle work in your favour'

click here to read our full review  http://www.supgower.com/2014/09/quickblade-v-drive/

Specifications FG/CA - Full carbon shaft with Fibreglass blade 

Each of these shafts has an SSI rating of 35, but it varies by the overall length of the paddle. The new RT85 Tapered shaft has ten inches of adjustment range at the top part of the shaft making it easy to shorten to your liking.

 In this new FG/CA configuration, the V Drive comes to the hands of the serious or casual racer, adventure paddler and surfer. The flex of this high quality hybrid configuration is easier on the shoulders and wrists then the stiffer all carbon blades.

Attention: maximum paddle length is 82"

Colour - MOCHA  (black / brown abstract blade) 

The paddle comes uncut with white  abs sidewall and ergo carbon palm grip 


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