Quickblade 'Trifecta' 86 Vector Net

Quickblade 'Trifecta' 86 Vector Net

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Trifecta- 86sq/in Vector Net


This paddle has a narrow blade tip and gets fuller in the mid section making for a softer catch yet very powerful mid stroke. It has a double concave blade face that blends nicely into a pronounced dihedral that really adds stability to the stroke while eliminating blade flutter.

Excellent for distance racing, down winders, surfing and touring.

This paddle design is endorsed by Travis Grant, 2013 Molokai winner and BOP distance Champion

the colourful vector-net lay-up’s have the perfect balance of stiffness and flex in this hybrid construction. 

the paddle has all of the features and designs of it’s original all carbon cousin. but in this new hybrid construction you get a little more flex than full carbon , but not as much as the fiberglass blade but some additional stiffness as a result of the carbon netting built into the paddle. this new construction comes an amazing array of new eye catching colors.

with excellent torsional stiffness they’re ideal for both surfing, touring and racing, while more forgiving on the shoulders and wrists than the all carbon version. 

the results offer a very stable yet effective power phase with an effortless exit.

great for catching waves, racing and touring.

The paddle comes uncut with round tapered carbon shaft 71-80" range  and ergo carbon palm grip 

Blade Length 17.5"
Blade Width 7.3"
Weight 15 oz.
Blade Area 86 sq. in
Angle of Blade 10�


Shipping calculation is based on 1 paddle to UK address - Excluding Scottish Highlands and I.O.W.

If the shipping is incorrect we will contact you for subsequent funds. 

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