Fanatic 3 piece adjustable paddle

Fanatic 3 piece adjustable paddle

Product Code: Fanatic 3 piece adjustable paddle
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2018 Fanatic 3 PIECE ALU PADDLE

Perfect for hassle-free travelling and storage and the ideal partner for inflatable Fly Air boards, air travel and smaller cars or public transport. 




For top quality and value for money, the standard Aluminium paddle is the answer. Our latest version is about 200g lighter than it’s predecessor, making it easy to handle for first timers. 
  • The new highly durable plastic blade will withstand the daily hits from the unavoidable learning curve. 
  • The adjustable range of 165 – 220 cm ensures everyone – no matter his / her size – is able to have a go. 
  • The removable foam collar gives the paddle buoyancy.
  • *Dont leave your Alu paddle float, it may sink even with foam collar!

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