ION Strike Select Semidry 5,5 DL 2013

ION Strike Select Semidry 5,5 DL  2013

ION Strike Select Semidry 5,5 DL 2013

Product Code: ION Strike Select Semidry 5,5 DL 2013
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ION Strike Select Semidry 5,5 DL  Features 2013


. Anti Smell: Sanatized® certified antibacterial treatment to prevent bad odor from bacteria, mildew etc. 
  in moist or sweaty environments New!
. S Seal: liquid glue on all seams for sealing tearing strength New!
. Key Loop: new technical key pocket with self locking zipper slider on leg for easy access New!
. Seal Tite: Improved UV-resistant S Seal stripes on wrist New!
. Crash Padz: protection panels on shin/ribs made of K Type Neoprene
. Roller Printing: Printing process with a metal roller also called Strike Select all-over-Printing (aoP)
. Water Gate_Plus: batwing panel + additional cuff worn over the head
. Gate Keeper: easy entry without help
. Drain Holes: water release on calves and lower back panel
. Seam Reinforcements: on all stresspoints
. Contour Cut: at collar, arms and legs
. Leg Loop: detachable velcro loop on ankle
. Velcro Fix: on neck closure
. Hexagon Print: protection print on double lined crotch panel
. Sunglass Loop: don’t lose your sunglasses


ION Strike Select Semidry 5,5 DL  2013

Cyber Soft: Improved even softer version of ION Cyber Stretch jersey NEW!
Helio Plush: inside jersey to maximize heat retention and feelgood factor
Recycled Polyester: improved softer ecofriendly jersey with maximum stretch
. V Type Neoprene: 25% lighter and warmest Neoprene type available NEW!
. Supra_Tex: protection on knees / shin
. Glued Blind-Stitch: water sealing for all seams
. Limestone_Neoprene: eco-awareness starts in raw materials
. N Type Neoprene: maximum elasticity and wearing comfort
. S Type Neoprene: our quality standard Neoprene for super flex
. Tatex Protectors: on the knees


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