Carver 35.5 Skateboards CX Riddler red

Carver 35.5 Skateboards CX Riddler red

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35.5" Carver Skateboards CX Riddler

Designed with Tyler Hatzikian for the local hills and alleys of El Segundo, the Riddler surfskate picks up on the interstitial space between longboard trimming and highly maneuverable carving. The mid-sized deck is long enough to move around on while still keeping the responsive turning characteristics of the Riddler. 

At 35.5″ it’s just long enough for a small cross step, while the longer wheelbase pumps faster. 

A great transitional size that will help longboarders practice cutbacks and strengthen maneuvers on the wave, it features a single concave down the length and a proper kick tail for pivot turns, acid drops and anything else you can think of popping. 

SPECS: 35 1/2” Long, 9 7/8” Wide

The CX trucks will be silver unless specified ( black C7 are £10 extra) 

Comes set-up with CX front truck and C2 rear truck.


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