Carver Skateboards - 42" CV Platypus

Carver Skateboards - 42" CV Platypus

Product Code: 42" Carver Skateboards CV Platypus
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The Platypus is a symmetrical bottom mount cutaway deck with large functional kicks nose, tail and deep wheel wells. The 7 ply deck is light, the wheelbase is short for it's length so this board is meant to pop, shove and flip. 

While it's taller than a dropped deck, the trucks mount without risers directly to the wood for a low profile, and the design of the cutaways means there will never be any wheelbite. 

Comes set-up with 7.5" CV TM trucks.

9 1/6" wide
4 1/2" tail
4 1/2" nose
28 3/4" wheelbase


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