30.25 Carver Cx.4 Firefly Surf Skate

30.25 Carver Cx.4 Firefly Surf Skate

Product Code: 30.25 Carver Cx.4 Firefly Surf Skate
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30.25 Carver Cx.4  Firefly Surf Skate complete

Updated for 2018 with a slightly wider nose for better front foot control, this is a shorter version of our Resin, making this model a little snappier and easier to pump.

Recommended with the CX truck set for a more progressive skate performance. 

Comes set-up with 6.5" CX.4 front truck and C2 rear truck. 


  • 9 3/4" wide 
  • 6 1/4" tail 
  • 3 3/8" nose 
  • 16 1/2" wheelbase

Carver recommended wheels - 65mm/81A Aqua Eco Mags.

Perfect for the family, girlfriend or avid skater wanting that surfing Pump skate feel !

Helping aspiring Paddlesurfers to learn to pump their boards to gain speed and improve on muscle memory in the water, the carver skateboards are easy! 

Front truck  6.5" Cx / rear truck C2 - The Carver CX.4 truck with a few carves side to side you immediately begin to generate speed, and with a little more pumping you can gain significant speed. The thrust generated is so powerful you can even pump uphill.So whether you’re surfing the sidewalk, flowing through a skatepark or big-wave surfing downhill, you never have to put your foot down to make a section. For years many longboard companies have falsely claimed that their boards ‘feel just like surfing’, but we took that promise seriously. What you get with a CX is a truck that has all the thrust and pump of a surfskate but with a stiffer and more stable pushing platform. 
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