34' Carver C7 Green room Surf Skate

34' Carver C7 Green room Surf Skate

Product Code: 34' Carver C7 Green room Surf Skate
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34' Carver C7.4 Green Room Surf Skate complete

This mid-sized board is the perfect retro rider; wide diamond tail for solid foot placement and stretched out wheelbase for wider stance and increased stability. The Artist Series graphic is by renowned surf artist Matt Beard.

Comes set-up with C7 front truck and C2 rear truck.

Perfect for the family, girlfriend or avid skater wanting that surfing Pump skate feel !

Helping aspiring Paddlesurfers to learn to pump their boards to gain speed and improve on muscle memory in the water, the carver skateboards are easy. 

Front truck  6.5" C7 / rear truck C2 
  • 9 7/8" wide
  • 6 5/8"tail
  • 4 1/4" nose
  • 18 7/8"wheelbase
  • 70mm Smoke mag Wheels

check out what the Carver skateboards are about 


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