SB Natural winner light core Fin

SB Natural winner light core Fin

Product Code: SB Natural winner light core Fin
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SB Natural winner light core Fin 

Balsa Core fins improve the flex and reduce the weight of our premium fin collection. 

Light Core composite fins are designed to maintain the flex characteristics of a fiberglass fin, whilst reducing the weight, but also maintaining strength.

The natural winner Fin sold as stock racing fin for most Starboard Race boards. It is also a great fin for general paddling.

Smaller than most race fins with a height of 7.1" its intended use is to reduce drag on all types of paddling making a faster board with increased Manoeuvrability


Style Maximum Manoeuvrability
Intended Conditions Built for tight buoy turns
Surf / Open waters
Competition Type Technical Racing / BOP
Downwind Racing


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