H2Pro Hydrate 250 (single tube)

H2Pro Hydrate 250 (single tube)

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We recommend this as a background hydrator to all athletes and as a training solution for athletes with low sweat sodium losses. It's also great for fighting dehydration when travelling.

Most people can usually perform absolutely fine for about an hour without taking on fluid (if well hydrated before start and it’s not too hot). However, when going beyond 90 minutes (in both training and racing) for optimum performance these 250 tablets will replace lost salts and energy.

View your hydration plan, or take our Sweat Test for your personalised recommendation.http://www.precisionhydration.com/pages/online-sweat-test

All H2Pro Hydrate tablets contain close to zero calories. They're specifically designed to provide electrolyte and fluid replacement, not as a source of carbohydrate energy.

This allows you to fine tune intake to your needs, without adding unwanted calories.

Nutritional info

Energy: 11.4 Kcal / 48.6 Kj per tablet (2.3 Kcal / 9.72 Kj per 100ml*) 

Protein: 0g

Carbohydrates: 1.92g per tablet (0.4g per 100ml*)

Fats: 0g

Dextrose: 1800mg per tablet (360 per 100ml*)

Sodium: 125mg per tablet (25mg per 100ml*)

Calcium: 3mg per tablet (0.6mg per 100ml*), 0.4 %RDA

Magnesium: 6mg per tablet (1.2mg per 100ml*), 1.6 %RDA

Potassium: 125mg per tablet (25 mg per 100ml*), 6.3 %RDA

Ingredients Dextrose anhydrous; Citric Acid; Sodium Hydrogencarbonate; Potassium Hydrogencarbonate; Flavours; Maltodextrin; Sweeteners; Sucrose and Sorbitol; Calcium carbonate; Magnesium carbonate.

*after dilution of 1 tablet per 500ml of water

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
Do not use as a substitue for a varied diet
Store out of the reach of young children
H2Pro Hydrate is a food supplement

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