Scarfini FX -Twin (3) future fins

Scarfini FX -Twin (3) future fins

Product Code: Scarfini HX -Twin (3) fins
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Designed for the modern fish to allow extra control and manoeuvreability.

Great in Shorter stand up paddle boards for increased drive and hold in bigger surf.

If you have a quad fin SUP / surf Play around with these bigger fins in the front boxes and smaller fins  in the rear 

Set comes with a smaller trailer fin with a 90mm base , which makes tail slides easy !

Future style tabs


Base: 130mm / 5.12"
Height: 145mm / 5.71"
Area: 13580mm2 / 21.05"2
Base: 90mm / 3.54"
Height: 92mm / 3.62"
Area: 5837mm2 / 9.05"


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