Futures Techflex AM2 5-fin

Futures Techflex AM2 5-fin

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The Future Fins 5-Fin Techflex AM2 fin set. A popular template for the light footed large surfer. The large base with medium tip helps with powerful bottom turns and releasing the fins off the top. Try this laid back template in wrapping point breaks. Riding the quad rears instead of the center fin will add drive and hold.

Best suited to powerful surfing in powerful waves.
Light, stiff and very responsive. The most responsive fin in the Futures range. Stiff at the base for drive, flex through middle and at the tip to release out of top turns.
Allows you to choose thruster(looser less drive), quad(not as loose, more drive) all 5 (much stiffer, heaps of hold for BIG waves)

Fin Size:

Futures give each fin a size rating, each size has a recommended rider weight range, so you can easily work out whether a set of fins is going to be a good size for you.

This set of fins is rated: Large - they are designed for a rider weight range of: 180 lbs + (80kg +)



Techflex is stiff like Fiberglass but lighter than Honeycomb. The ultimate in flat foiled fins, great for powerful surfers or powerful surf.


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