Windstorm whistle

Windstorm whistle

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Windstorm whistle

Loud, totally waterproof, and can be heard underwater! 130 Db 

Exceeds Coast Guard & SOLAS requirements.

Colour: range 

Tests show that the Windstorm™ whistle produces a sound which is more easily heard when compared to other popular whistles.
Tested by an independent research team under the most demanding scientific methods, the Windstorm™ competed head-to-head for loudness against the most popular whistles in the world.
Data derived by powering 4 test whistles at a constant pressure and strong effort prove its loudness.
In another test, as the sound is received through a padded football helmet, the Windstorm™ once again outperforms the other whistles. 
This whistle performs in all conditions, in any weather or safety situation: blown and heard on land, up to 1/2 mile, and even underwater, up to 50 feet.
A high-impact, non-corroding thermoplastic protective housing is easy to grasp, and the patented double chamber design allows it to be blown when held right side up or upside down, forcing all water to be purged when the whistle is blown.

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