SUP / Surf foil Clinic

SUP / Surf foil Clinic

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Learn to SUP/ surf Foil - Courses have 2 spaces maximum - We need 2 people to run this clinic 

There is lots to learn even if you are an experienced surfer or Waterman. This 3 hour course includes introduction to the equipment in a suitable wave environment

Whether you want to Foil on a SURF board or a SUP or even WINDSURF foil we can help you get the intial knowledge and muscle memory of what is needed to make a start in this fantastic new pathwayjust let is know which type of craft you would like to try SUP or SURF 

We have a range of foils from Naish, Takuma, Axis, Fanatic and Go foil.- let us know which element you hope to take up and we can bring appropriate equipment - usually we'll get you foiling on a SUP to start

Foils used intially are Takuma v100 on short mast and then AXIS 92 on taller mast.

Location - North dock - Llanelli SA15 2LF

Bring you own wetsuit or you can use one of ours 

Pay & display parking is avialable on site 

A prequisite of SUP paddling or surfing to a Intermediate standard is required to get the most out of this clinic 

What board ?

What Foil is best for you?

Foot placement?

What sort of conditions ?

Should you wear safety gear ?

Getting in and out of the water ?

Paddling in the flat?

Other people in the water 

Know you chosen spot 

What sort of Waves?

Catching waves ?

Its All about being Kinesthetic in your approach : The things you feel from sensors in your muscles, joints, tendons.

All equipment is provided - price is per person

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