Go Foil - Maliko 160

Go Foil - Maliko 160

Go Foil - Maliko 160

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Maliko Foil (available now)

This is our Downwind Foil set up and is designed for downwind foiling for advanced riders. The MALIKO is also designed for heavier riders (85-90kg+) for SUP and Surf foiling in small surf. Smaller riders can also ride this in small surf for longer rides and more lift.


Pre Preg Carbon Fibre built in an autoclave providing strength and light weight.


1600cm2 frontwing

  • Mast: 24 1/2 ” – same as KAI mast
  • Front Wing: 31 1/2 “
  • Stabilizer: 21 1/2″
  • Fuselage: 24 1/2″
  • Weight: full set, (7.75 pounds - 3.51kg +or-10%)

​Includes storage bag 

A deep tuttle box will need to be installed into a board for this foil or  a deep tuttle to plate adapter purchased if you already have x 2 US boxes(universal fitting) installed in your board.

The shop owner has this foil - here are his words - he weighs 83kg

I use the Maliko 160 wing when conditions are really small and the swell may not even break. The wing has a lot of lift and speed so it can carry you through flat waves easily . I do notice you have to apply a lot of front foot pressure when turning as the wing can breach the surface if you are too rear footed.


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