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The SENSOBOARD Essential


The SENSOBOARD Essential is the basic model. The surfaces are not treated with oil so you should keep it dry and only use it inside. On the standing surface griptape is used like on skateboard decks.


What is the SENSOBOARD ?

It is the first worldwide training device that helps to optimise new potential in endurance, strength and fine motor activity within muscle groups. Its not just a balance board... this really smart piece of equipment helps muscle memory and reflexes without you feeling like you may knock the coffee table over or fall and hit your head like other balance trainers do.


The board tilts with a quick and safe movement of 5 degrees of freedom without costly and energy-using technical elements, Its a lot like stand up paddle boarding in some respects so if you're looking for an optimised balance trainer that will help balance and rehab of injury safely.... this is it !


The SENSOBOARD connects a lot of training-scientific and movement-scientific know-how with smart design and high quality

  1. Horizontal movement of the TOP-Board by shifting in longitudinal direction
  2. Horizontal movement of the TOP-Board by shifting in transverse direction 
  3. Tilting lengthwise
  4. Tilting crosswise
  5. Rotation

These characteristics allow a maximal training success, because the reflexes of the muscles are challenged by the quick unpredictable movements of the SENSOBOARD.

If the teamwork between nervous system and muscles improves, an improved movement coordination which influences the balance regularisation highly positively also walks along with it."(Moritz F. Martin, Sports Scientist, CEO of the SENSOSPORTS GmbH.)


Weight: approx. 15 kg

Dimensions: (l) 80 cm x (w) 52 cm x (h) 18 cm

Maximum Load: 100kg


What is included ? 


  • Within the box, you will receive the sensoboard which will be set up ready to use
  • A SENSOBOARD Tool which will help you to adjust the difficulty of the board by changing the tension of the elastics
  • A workout board  describing the different workout exercises you can choose to undertake.

Elastics can be changed for difficulty or if they are worn .

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