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NORTH KITEBOARDING the world biggest Kite brand and NORTHSAILS market leader in Windsurfing rigs have joined forces to create the most innovative rig ever made. The outcome is what we call best of both worlds: incredible low weight and packing dimensions achieved through inflatable Kite-technology combined with the appeal and safety of a Windsurfing rig.

The iRIG makes learning how to windsurf a piece of a cake, since it’s a whopping 70% lighter than any conventional windsurf rig and it is completely floating on the water. Everybody can have fun in low winds, instantly. Effortlessly enjoy the thrill of the greatest sport on earth without the usual pain of constantly falling into the water.

The iRIG comes in a small backpack completely eliminating the transportation and storage problem. This means convenient transportation in a small city car or even by bike – plus the storage at home takes no space.


Since the iRIG is not only ultra light but also comes without any hard materials, the risk of injury is reduced dramatically.

As well you don’t have to fear drifting off wind anymore. Since the whole rig floats on the water without any additional water resistance even paddling back home means no extra effort.

Attention: to avoid drifting off wind your board should have a center-fin or a dagger-board. If your board does not include this feature please check our Add-On Driftstopper.


- Super light weight with around 1,5 kg for very easy learning with instant success and for a very comfortable transport
- Fixed handle positions avoiding wrong positioning of your hands and facilitates the learning process enormously
- Completely inflatable construction without hard materials and reduces effort for rigging up tremendously (Pump&Go within 100 seconds) and gets risk for injuries nearly down to zero
- A3 size packing dimensions achieved through inflatable kite-technology and very easy transport and storage
- Unlike traditional windsurf rigs the iRIG floats on the water and makes very easy uphauling and relaxed paddling home without drag in case of drifting too far away
- Super simple sizing with Small / Medium / Large (the correct size depends solely on your body height) and makes it a no brainer to choose the right size 

The Irig comes in 4 sizes ( starting with the Small at £269.00 including fittings and bag a small hand pump is provided )

XS SIZE Up to 6 years SMALL SIZE 120 – 145 cm
3′11″ – 4′9″
MEDIUM SIZE 140 – 180 cm
4′7″ – 5′11″
LARGE SIZE -175 – 200 cm
5′9″ – 6′6″


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