Starboard 2019 ALL STAR AIRLINE Inflatable

Starboard 2019 ALL STAR AIRLINE Inflatable

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“The highlight of the Airline technology is its acceleration caused by the release of tension in the line. During a paddle stroke, the board flexes under pressure, storing the strokes energy. Once the paddle exits the water, the stored energy launches the board forwards. 

I was so surprised how well the board performed in downwind conditions. The line and nose cone controls the shape, piercing through bumps without losing speed.”


Models available - al boards come with bag / pump and free lightweignt leash 

14'0" X 24" X 6" ALL STAR AIRLINE - 301 litres
14’0″x24″ ALL STAR is extra fast from the narrow outline, insanely lightweight and now incredibly stuff from the Airline, the 24″ is real companion for any serious racer. Narrow width is designed for lighter and higher skilled riders that want the fastest speed from the reduced we area.
11.4kg board weight 
14'0" X 28" X 6" ALL STAR AIRLINE - 345 litres
14’0″x28″ ALL STAR has the widest outline provides added stability so the rider can reserve energy from balancing and instead use it to maximise paddle power. The wider outline gives extra control in choppy conditions, while the flat rocker maximises glide for the fastest speed on flats
12.5kg board weight 
14'0" X 28'' X 6'' ALL STAR DOWNWIND AIRLINE - 345 litres
14’0″x28″ ALL STAR DOWNWIND is the perfect solution for those wanting a downwind race board that’s fast and easy to travel with. 28″ width offers extra stability and control in choppy ocean conditions, while the curved rocker with raised nose kick prevents the nose from diving when connecting to bumps.
12.4kg board weight 
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