Starboard ENDURO Carbon M, Round Carbon 3pc

Starboard ENDURO Carbon M, Round Carbon 3pc

Starboard ENDURO Carbon M, Round Carbon 3pc

Product Code: Starboard ENDURO Carbon M, Round Carbon 3pc
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Starboard ENDURO Carbon Medium blade 81.4" - Round Carbon 3pc shaft

A well-balanced all round blade design with a medium dihedral providing great stability and good power for allround usage

The Low aspect design makes it easy to lift out of the water with each stroke and it is also great to lean on while wave riding. 

A favourite blade for world SUP surf Sean Poynter who uses a round shaft combination.

The Travel 3 piece version is the perfect companion for traveliing packs down to 85cm, whether its for waves or general paddling - The 3 pc Enduro offers a great stiff paddle with strong joints and a great range of adjustability for wave riding.


  • Custom woven Biaxial 60/60 degree Carbon cloth and a new high density PVC core absorbing less resin. 
  • Biaxial 45-degree fabric used to increase the durability and reduce risk of buckling. 
  • Retains strength while possessing incredibly good flex characteristics. 
  • Bolt has a shortened stringer to give more flex and recoil at the very tip of the blade. 
  • ABS rail insert along the entire edge of blade.
  • Adjustable from 60.6" to 84.1" with 3 pc shaft 
  • Shaft stiffness is S40


A flexible shaft transfers energy in a more gentle way suiting long distance paddling and higher cadence.
A stiffer shaft provides a more direct transfer of energy and suits larger blades and taller riders wanting to use full lenght shafts.
When you cut a paddle shaft down to fit your size it automatically becomes stiffer, thus you may wish to choose a 42 mm shaft



• The stiffness is measured by applying 30kg in the center of the shaft, supported at 140cm distance to measure the deflection in mm.
• If the shaft bends, it shows a higher deflection resulting in more flex, compared to a stiffer shaft with low deflection.
• The 35mm has the lowest flex,42mm has the highest flex.

Available in these Blade sizes

Small blade size - 73.6"

Medium blade size - 81.4"


FREE DELIVERY (Excl Scottish Highlands & Europe)


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