Starboard 2018 Lima Carbon Balsa Oval

Starboard 2018 Lima Carbon Balsa Oval

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Starboard 2018 Lima Carbon Balsa Oval 

• The direct catch and ability to redirect automatically is what makes our world champion race team choose the Lima paddle.

• You can paddle harder with less attention to your strokes. The highest performing paddle in the Starboard range, adding a touch of magic to each stroke.

• The Lima is the evolution of the Bolt.

• Easier catch

The new rounded tip of the blade has a small area hitting the water during the entry. The result is a smooth penetration in the water thus reducing the impact on your body, especially on the shoulders.

The rounded tip creates a progressive load of the blade during the entry in the water instead of a sudden high impact creating a lot of stress on the paddle and your body.  

Reducing the stress on the body allows one to paddle longer and more often with less recovery time.


Direct catch

The double concave on the power face is guiding the water throughout the blade controlling the wobbling and increasing the water flow speed.

The edge defining the double concave starts round-shaped at the tip of the blade to separate the water smoothly. It then becomes sharper to dictate the water its path and stabilize the blade.

All your power is transferred in a straight forward motion as you don’t need to worry about paddle alignment in the water anymore.


  • Construction: Available only in Carbon Balsa, our best paddle technology and Connor Baxter’s choice.
  • Dimensions: The blade’s size dictate the power and efficiency of your stroke. The Lima is available in XS, S, M, L and XL.

The 2018 Lima blade size is different relative to the 2017 Bolt and we recommend most paddlers to use one size larger paddle.

Connor Baxter used the Bolt M and would like to have a larger paddle, so we developed the Lima L, the size moves from 510 cm2 to 531 cm2.

Fiona Wylde used the Bolt S at 480 cm2, now she will mostly use the LIMA M at 485 cm2.

Carbon Balsa Construction

The new long grain balsa core is the new revolution. An organic solution with no compromise compared to standard petroleum based PVC.

The structure of the balsa long grain is made of long fibers that acts like millions of tiny stringers going all along the core.

They load the energy during the stroke and release it at the end. One more detail that will make you faster on the water.


Shaft Type 

• Stiffest shaft for paddlers who prefer minimal flex.
• Popular with taller paddlers using a longer shaft.
• Available in Fixed Round Carbon, Adjustable Carbon and Hybrid except Skinny and Kids. 


• A balance in performance between stiffness and flex.
• Available in Fixed Carbon and Hybrid Carbon.
• Available in Kids and Skinny adjustable, both in Carbon and Hybrid Carbon.


• More forgiving, suiting long distance, all round paddlers and most riders under 70 kg.
• Available in Carbon Round, Oval, Skinny and Kids fixed.
• Available in Skinny and Kids Hybrid Carbon Fixed.


2 pc paddles are great for paddlers looking for different paddle lengths or sharing the paddle with friend and family.


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