NSP 9'8 Cocomat

NSP 9'8 Cocomat

NSP 9'8 Cocomat

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The NSP 9'8" Coco Mat SUP- 2015

The NSP 9'8" Coco Mat Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is designed as a compact all rounder that will accommodate short distance flat water paddlers, through to the most capable of wave riders.

The most notable feature of this board is the high amount of volume that's been distributed into such a short, compact design. At 167 liters and 32" wide it'll even support heavier riders in the intermediate to advanced class.

The outline is very well balanced, the wide point has been shifted forward, and the rounded nose and tail are connected seamlessly by smooth flowing rail curves. It's this outline, along with the single-to-double concave into vee bottom that delivers stability in turbulent water and outstanding performance on the waves.

The deck is relatively flat which leads into medium-to-boxy rails. This is designed to strike a balance between stability for younger, less experienced riders, and sensitivity and response for anyone wanting to attack steep sections on bigger waves.

The reliable 2 + 1 fin configuration offers consistency across all conditions, and our patented Coco Mat technology combines natural coconut husk fibers and epoxy to produce a board that's incredibly lightweight and extremely durable.


9'8 x 32"

167 Litres

Approx board weight: 9.5kg/21lbs..

The NSP 9'8" Coco Mat SUP is a versatile board ideally suited to paddlers up to 90kg who like to spend most of their time in the surf, but still want the ability to paddle short distances on flat water.
The NSP 9'8" COCOMAT also has a carry ledged handle for more comfort when carrying the board longer distances
This is a great first time board for those who dont want to buy a board which they will outgrow too quickly, ample width for stability and sensible volume meaning great for surfing and occasional longer paddles.


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