Takuma 7'6 BX FOIL SUP

Takuma 7'6 BX FOIL SUP

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TAKUMA 7'6 X 30" BX SUP-

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Made for flying with agility

Designed for an easy and fast take off when foiling. A Large tail to help stability to fly up on the foil as soon as possible.A Shorter board is easier to pump and generate additional speed easily.Sensible Rocker for use as A SUP ,with added nose flip to aid keeping the board from pearling. Volume and width in the nose for stability and control.

This model comes with options

  • SUP with Windsurf track and inserts
  • SUP with no footstrap inserts - board weight 10.2kg 
  • SUP with footstrap inserts 

7’6’’x 28’’x4’’ 1/3 : 115L 


  • EPS Foam with Full wood sandwich construction
  • Reinforced PVC Foil box position


  • EVA diamand brushed DECKPAD
  • Supplied with 4 futures fins for use a conventional SUP
  • 2 US boxes for ( foil position)
  • Carry handle
  • 2 Leashing points 
  • Gore tex valve
  • 1 footstap supplied 
  • Windsurf track option 

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