JP Australia 7'11 x 30.5 Surf wide body

JP Australia 7'11 x 30.5 Surf wide body

JP Australia 7'11 x 30.5 Surf wide body

Product Code: JP Australia 7'11 x 30.5 Surf wide body
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2017 JP Australia 7'11 x 30.5 Surf wide body


The length of a board was always the limitation when riding beach breaks and steeper sections. Therefore we worked on a board range that is very short, compact and has the ability to carve super tight turns.  We kept the stability you need in mind while standing in the lineup and especially paddling your way out through the white water.

The shapes feature a flat deck, especially in the standing area. The rails bevel off to achieve the thin rail radius every rider dreams off during radical wave rides. Even though the boards are rather wide they give you the feeling of using a “short board”.

The quad fin setup supports the radical performance. Even when the board is fully railed up you still have two fins driving you through the turns. The board also features 3 FCS boxes in the tail so you can customize how you want to board to react off the back fin if you choose to ride in thruster (3) fin set up.

The bottom is equipped with a mono concave nose section running into a flat V which increases towards the tail for additional rail rocker.

7'11 x 30.5 - 106 Litres - not in stock but available to drop ship 



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