Go foil Plate adapter universal

Go foil Plate adapter universal

Product Code: Go foil Plate adapter universal
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Go foil Plate adapter -  Universal

For use when you purchase a GO foil and need to use it on a plate mount US track system board

This aluminum adapter allows the use of tuttle head masts on plate system boards.

Convert your GoFoil Deep Tuttle to a 4-bolt plate system with this adapter plate. Your GoFoil will tighten into this adapter and then can be used on ANY track mounted foilboard or FoilMount system. 

Made from anodized and CNC high strength aluminum. It is just under 720 grams weight empty and uses counter sunk holes for the 4-bolt system so you won't have any bolt walking on you. When you want to use a deep tuttle box you can just remove the 2 retaining bolts and your tuttle is ready to be put into a deep tuttle box. 



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