JP 7'8 x 29 Pro Foil Slate board

JP 7'8 x 29 Pro Foil Slate board

Product Code: JP 7'8 x 29 Pro Foil Slate board
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2019 JP 7'0 x 29 Foil slate board

FOIL SLATE -  Pro version

In addition to the dedicated Foil boards we have also introduced the full line of FOIL SLATE boards that combine the proven SURF SLATE shapes with the Foiling option.

For 2019 Werner has developed the dedicated Foil shapes with great input from Keahi. The boards are short for reduced swing weight during pumping and manoeuvres. The extremely beveled rails help reduce the wetted surface at take-off and prevent the board from catching the water in the turns. The cut-out tail section on the bottom surface has the same purpose. The flat deck ensures stability. The pad features an increased arch line along the center so that you can feel the center of the board without even looking down. The pad tail kick is positioned perfectly for optimized foiling stance. The boards come with 2 foot-straps and foot-strap plugs.

The 2 track boxes for the plate mounted foils have a generous length of 33cm so you can also use the board for light wind windsurf foiling at the back position.

ORDER A FOIL and get a discount on total package price - contact us for details 

Volume 112 Litres 

7'8 long   

29" wide 




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