STARBOARD 2018 1300 DT

STARBOARD 2018 1300 DT

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The consistent, versatile wave-riding foil.

It's stable, handles surface breaches smoothly and keeps a consistent speed. As a windsurf foil, it is a super-easy, early take-off foil that's great for freeride and freestyle foiling. Developed together with Abraham Shouse, Maui.

Front Wing: Sleeve fixing system 

Tail Wing: Rocker system  

Fuselage: Starboard Universal Connect 

Mast: Deep Tuttle 

Front Wing: Wave 1300 or 1700

Tail Wing: Wave 270 with 1300 / 370 with 1700

Fuselage: 67cm in length 

Mast: Aluminium 65cm 


More info on this foil here

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