Naish 5'6 Prone foil board - 2nd

Naish 5'6 Prone foil board - 2nd

Product Code: Naish 5'6 Prone foil board - 2nd
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Naish 5'6 x 22 x 2" 9/16 softop foil board

Naish softop surfboard which was professionally retro fitted with High density block and US boxes for Foil use.

Naish actually had the same model available for sale for £649 in 2017 

Paddles well and foils well too ! 

No damage ...just minor sratches - comes with quad set of fins (no hydrofoil)



Naish’s new surf foil boards give you a piece of the endless summer by harnessing the power of the ocean. Equipped with the Thrust Surf foil, the Hover 5’6” Surf Soft Top provides a near limitless ride that is fully customizable to rider preference with a quick tune of the adjustable stabilizer. Built for super smooth carving and forgiving planing, this board generates the lift you need to get going quickly while maintaining a solid sweet spot for riders to feel stable while carving, gliding and pumping above the water’s surface.

This board can be also be used for strapless Kitesurf foiling



Length: 5’6”

Width: 22”

Volume: 36.43 L

Thickness: 2 9’16”

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