Takuma 7'5 ZK FOIL SUP

Takuma 7'5 ZK FOIL SUP

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TAKUMA 7'5 X 28" ZK FOILBOARDMade for flying with agility and speed

Designed for the Ultimate foiling experience.

These boards make foiling much easier as they allow the board to break the surface tension between board and waters surface. You Benefit from super fast downwind sensations as the board is easier to pop back up onto the foil if you loose speed. 

The genrous rocker allows the foiler to take off on the wave face and easily transition onto the foil either at the bottom of the wave or as your skill improves earlier at the top of the wave. 

A big improvement and easy, fast take offs will allow the rider to explore the ocean swells and bumps with ease .The chine bevel rails and parrellel outline shape give a Short board feel to pump and generate additional speed easily.The Large tail volume to help stability to fly up on the foil as soon as possible.

Volume and width in the nose for stability and control.

7'5 x 28" x 4 13/16 - 125 litres 

Other models available to pre order 

ZK 6'10''x26"x4 1/2 : 100L

ZK 8'0''X30"x5 3/16 : 155L


  • EPS Foam with Full wood sandwich construction
  • Reinforced PVC Foil box position


  • EVA diamand brushed DECKPAD
  • This board cannot be used as a conventional SUP
  • 2 US boxes for ( foil position)
  • Foot strap inserts and screws (no foot straps provided)
  • Carry handle
  • 2 Leashing points 
  • Gore tex valve

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