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The First Board in the world allowing you to fly above water
e-takuma is the first electric foilboard to be accessible to the many. As using a hydrofoil can seem complicated or dangerous to some,the etakuma conception team innovated everyday to help produce a vehicle which can be enjoyed safely everyday.
An adaptative board for all levels
Thanks to an innovative shape for most body shapes, whatever your level, you will be able to quickly enjoy your first sensations above water.
This product has been tested on more than 500 people. On average they could fly within 3min35.
Speed From 8km/h to 30km/h
A hand held remote controller developed with BB Talkin who specializes in action sport intercoms helps make control of the efoil very easy from the first ride to your journeys out and around your coastline.
  • Waterproof & strong design
  • Cruze control function (speed fix)
  • Turbo boost button
  • Safety trigger switch

On water, battery autonomy is between 45 and 75 minutes, depending on conditions and your level


Our product has built-in Samsung Lithium batteries, the same system used by TESLA cars using a Samsung 48v/35a




Board size : 6’4 x 30 : 150 Litres 
Max weight : about 95kg be to comfortable 
Max speed : about 30km/h 
Weight : 28k (battery is 11kg)
Battery - 1.512Kw.
Time charge : 3 hours
This pack includes :

1 board
1 foil
1 e-mast
1 classic mast - use the boards as a conventional Foil board
1 remote with a charger
1 battery with a charger
1 carrying bag

Choose your colour - with a 25% Bank transfer Deposit - Please call us to discuss this 
Stock is due in MAY 2019
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