Axis Foils S Series 102

Axis Foils S Series 102

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Front wing - SURFACE AREA 2013 cm2

The AXIS S-Series Foil is by far the best performer on the market today. The engineering on these foils, the stiffness on each connection point and the strength and quality of manufacturing, outperform any other surf/sup/pump/wake foil on the market.

The S-Series front wings, rear wings and components are all interchangeable. You can keep on adding different size masts, front wings, rear wings or fuselages as your style and skill level evolve.

The massive 1020mm Carbon front wing, together with the 500mm rear wing make an ideal foil for pumping, downwinders and small wave rides. No matter if you are pumping flat water pools, knee high bumps, or ride behind your wakeboat, the AXIS Foil S-Series 102 will do it all.

A modular foil which can be broken down into its parts and comes with a padded foil bag 

The Sleek, smooth and strong the red foil fuselage fits AXIS Kira Carbon wings up to 102cm so if you choose to upgrade at a later date you can .New 2019 graphics on the wings give you dimensions so you can quickly swap wings for the conditions or get new masts for your foil.

The Axis 102 is best suited for Downwind advanced riders or larger riders 90kg+ looking to get into the smallest of bumps and lumps the ocean throws at you in waves or downwind.

Wing Span: 102cm - 40in
Actual Area: 2051cm^2 - 318 square inches
Projected Area: 2013cm^2 - 312 square inches

Volume: 4161cm^3 - 254 cubic inches

Chord: 250mm

  • Rear Stabilizer wing included 
  • 60cm Aluminium mast included
  • Stainless steel Hardware included 
  • Track mount base lets you attach to US style track boxes with ease.
  • Padded wing covers and mast and fuselage bag 

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