Naish 2017 Malolo foil

Naish 2017 Malolo foil

Naish 2017 Malolo foil

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The  NAISH 2016 Malolo SUP / surf foil

Front wing - SURFACE AREA 1032cm2

The Malolo Foil has been Designed to bring you lift at a low speed with minimal output from you the paddler, the Naish Hydrofoil performs best in waveriding and cruising fro the ligter 50-75kg rider. The extra long fuselage provides a large sweet spot and excellent stability. Tremendously versatile, the medium-sized extruded alloy mast can be retrofitted to any style box system. Includes a premium padded carry case for protection when not in use.

This foil is suitable for SUP surfing and surf foiling which is becoming more and more visable on social media. The principle of 'foiling' is to use a board to form propusion to generate speed with either a paddle or your own hands - this speed generates lift which helps lift the rider off the surface of the water to foil / glide on the front wing . If the rider can maintain speed via wavepower or paddle, the ride can be kept continous for long periods ...(20 miles by Kai Lenny)

Both the wings are of Carbon / Glass construction whereas the mast and fuselage are alloy.


Foil size - 1032cm2

The foil comes in a great padded bag 


The mast fiting is a deep Tuttle box which is removable via bolts, so a universal mounting bracket can be purchased and fitted to the mast - meaning the foil can be used with universal x 2 US box style mounts.

No board is included or mounting kit for a board which must be purchased seperatly .

Why pay more for a Thrust 2018 model when this foil is the same as the Thrust M model 


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