2019 Naish Abracadabra Plate mount

2019 Naish Abracadabra Plate mount

Product Code: 2019 Naish Abracadabra Plate mount
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2019 Naish Abracadabra Plate mount

A Game changer - Saves time setting up and then getting home after a session !

What Naish has to say about the Abracadabra Board Mount

The Abracadabra Plate connection makes it quick and effortless to detach and store your separated board and foil. One screw is all it takes to quickly and easily disconnect the entire foil system from your board, while the bottom of the plate can remain in place. Just a few turns of a #3 Phillips head screwdriver yields a secure and tight connection between foil and board. The Abracadabra Plate is available in the complete set or as an aftermarket item for any current and previous Naish aluminum mast and is also offered as an accessory for the carbon mast.


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