SUP Foil Clinic

SUP Foil Clinic

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Learn to SUP Foil - Courses will be available in Early spring 2018 

There is lots to learn even if you are an experienced surfer or Waterman, on our 2 hour course we'll introduce you to the equipment answer your questions and get you up on the foil using our Sesitec S2 cable wakeboarding facility.

We will hope to introduce riders into the waves in due course 

We have a range of foils from Naish, Takuma and Go foil. 

A prequisite of SUP paddling to a Intermediate standard is required to get the most out of this clinic  

What board ?

What Foil is best for you?

Foot placement?

What sort of conditions ?

Should you wear safety gear ?

Getting in and out of the water ?

Paddling in the flat?

Other people in the water 

Know you chosen spot 

What sort of Waves?

Catching waves ?

Its All about being Kinesthetic in your approach : The things you feel from sensors in your muscles, joints, tendons.

All equipment is provided - price is per person

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