JP 10‘2“ x 35“ Widebody SUP Softdeck PKG

JP 10‘2“ x 35“  Widebody SUP Softdeck PKG

JP 10‘2“ x 35“ Widebody SUP Softdeck PKG

Product Code: JP 10‘2“ x 35“ Widebody SUP Softdeck
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JP WIDE BODY 10'2 x 35 Soft deck


The versatility of our WIDE BODY SUPs made them popular amongst water sports enthusiasts of all ages around the world. Perfect for a social paddle with family and friends on rivers, lakes and for exciting sessions on the ocean. These boards are usable for every member of the family. Take your kids, your partner or even the dog for a cruise on flat water, or find some waves and exercise your first rides.

The 10'2 x 35 Soft deck is perfect for heavy riders (over 100kg) wanting comfort and lots of stability in a very durable board.The soft deck will also suit families who want a tough wearing board for multiple paddlers - dogs included as its deck is covered in a soft but durable EVA foam which dogs find easy to grip on, the nose and tail are also reinforced with rubber to help knocks against rocks and the shore.

 The 10'2 is short enough to enjoy catching small waves - you may want to try Tandem surfing on it !

Tech & Finish - Soft Deck technology
Board comes with: Fantastic ledged carry handle, EVA covered standing area, leash plug, a mastfoot insert to attach a windsurfing rig, one IM (Injection Molded Nylon) US single fin.

Length - 10'2 x 35" 

Volume - 228 Litres

The package includes a free aluminium adjustable paddle and leash 



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