ION Onyx Amp Semidry 3/2 (zipless)

ION Onyx Amp Semidry 3/2 (zipless)

ION Onyx Amp Semidry 3/2 (zipless)

Product Code: ION Onyx Amp Semidry 3/2 (zipless)
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ION Onyx Amp Semidry 3/2 (zipless)


A modern twist on the timeless classic, the ONYX AMP takes on a mélange of contrasting colours and a zipless style on selected models. The combination of our renowned Hot_Stuff lining and new Ninja_Spine makes this suit the perfect blend of quality, comfort and protection. With improved positioning of the chest zip (not for zipless version) and additional tape sealing on the inside, this is a suit with so much swagger, it's up to you to do the performing.

Nozip: for those striving hot shots who demand stretch then warmth the zipless option features more stretch material



Hotshot riders looking to showcase their skills in style.



OPTIMUM FLEX: Ninja_SpineNEW! Ninja_Knee and Single Seam in the leg enhances freedom.

Hot_Stuff lining and Seal_Tite feature at collar, arms and legs.

MAKI_TAPE: Improved stretch and sealing. 

LIGHTWEIGHT: No inside lining.


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