IMAGINE 10'2 x 32" LTE ICON Board only

IMAGINE 10'2 x 32" LTE ICON Board only

IMAGINE 10'2 x 32" LTE ICON Board only

Product Code: IMAGINE 10'2 x 32" LTE ICON Board only
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10'2 x 32" IMAGINE LTE ICON Board only 

This board came with a Damaged rear finbox , the box has now been replaced with a US new one 

The 10'2  Icon is a perfect all-around design that can do it all. The Icon is confidence boosting for flat-water paddling with generous volume and width adding stability and rigidity, but if Surfing is your thing the Icon can handle any lineup. 

The LTE version is a lighter and cheaper construction which still represents fantastic value , the bag is backpack style. - board comes with Fin,  pump , bag and  a repair kit incase you need it .

The 10'2 model has - 296 Litres -  Suitable for riders up to 110kg in weight 

Board weight - 8kg 


Check out this great review by UK boys at SUPboardermag

Included in this package 

Board, Pump & Bag & Fin 


  1. EVA Deckpad Diamond Groove
  2. PVC - Tarpauline Layer | Printed Top Sheet
  3. PVC - Tarpauline Layer | Core Sheet
  4. Drop Stitch Technology
  5. PVC - Tarpauline Layer | Printed Bottom Sheet
  6. Tarpauline Rail
  7. Comfy Grip Center and Tail Handle
  8. Backpack bag & High Pressure Pump
  9. Single fin 


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