Go Foil - Maliko 200 & 280 Combo

Go Foil - Maliko 200 & 280 Combo

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The Double Downwind II set comes with the Maliko 200 front wing, Maliko 280 front wing, Maliko back wing, interchangeable mast and fuselage. The Go foil feature a square tuttle box head which needs a Tuttle box fitted into to a board or you can purchase a Tuttle to Plate adapter to use these foils with US track mounts fitted into boards (the most common fitting). These foils need no introduction - Go foil are market leaders and one of the best foils money can buy. 

Maliko 200

Designed for downwind riding for normal weight riders.  This foil also performs geat in small surf for SUP and Surfing as well as a good learning wing for wakefoiling and beginning SUP foiling in small surf for the larger rider 90kg + or smaller rider if a liitle more advanced

Front Wing:  28" - 2000cm2

Maliko 280 

Designed for downwind riding for heavier weight riders, or as a foil to go on anything.  This foil can basically be ridden without waves by flat water pumping. Incredible size it feels like your walking down the beach with a whale attached to your board ....Ultimate glide in the slightest bit of ocean bump or crest of a unbroken wave.

Front Wing: 42"  - 2800cm2

Construction: Pre Preg Carbon Fibre built in an autoclave providing strength and light weight.

  • Weight: full set, 8.6 - 10.75 pounds depending on wing used

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