30.5 C7 Carver Proteus Complete

30.5 C7 Carver Proteus Complete

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 30.5 Carver C7 Proteus Complete

When we set out to make a skateboard that surfed, we tried to get as close to the feeling of pumping, carving on rail and driving through a roundhouse as we could. With the Proteus surfskate we took that concept and tailored the specifics to match this particular surfboard, so that you could more easily transition between practicing your maneuvers on land and taking them to the waves. So the new Proteus skateboard shares the same blunt-nose template, allowing for a wider stance with better front foot support and the same clipped nose for reduced swing weight when snapping a turn. 

The shape contour features a slight spoon nose for better control, as well as a full skate tail for ollies, pivots, boneless airs and all other standard skateboard tricks. At the heart of the system are the trucks, an asymmetrical set that creates the same rear-pivot snap you get surfing. Just a little rail-to-rail action and the board immediately starts to thrust forward, encouraging good form and strengthening your surfing muscles. 

Even the wheels are designed to increase grip over standard wheel designs, with a concave surface that flexes to hug the road, allowing you to lean into your turns like never before, and coming the closest to the kind of hold you get on rail in the water. 

Comes set-up with black or silver C7 front truck and C2 rear truck.(when in stock)

  • 30 1/2" Long
  • 9 7/8” Wide
  • 69mm/78a Smoke Concaves wheels



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