30.25 Carver Cx.4 Firefly Surf Skate

30.25 Carver Cx.4 Firefly Surf Skate

Product Code: 30.25 Carver Cx.4 Firefly Surf Skate
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30.25 Carver Cx.4  Firefly Surf Skate complete

Sometimes you want to dial in your wheelbase just so, and full-inch sizes are not specific enough. With the 30.25" Firefly we've shaved ¾" off our popular 31" Resin to make this board even snappier while still retaining the same progressive shape of an archetypal squash tail. 

The narrower nose keeps the front of the board light and nimble, while the proper kick tail is a wedged deckpad that locks in your back foot where it counts, giving you leverage into any tail-driven trick. 

From boneless air grabs and ollies to bank and ditch surfing, this little board is a true surfskate. Practice the same tricks you want to perfect in the water, plus work on flow, trim and power carves. 

With a 16 ½" wheelbase you get a little more stability than other shorties, but not so much that you lose the super easy pump and the driveway-tight carving. 

Recommended with the CX truck set for a more progressive skate performance. 


   9 3/4" wide 
   6 1/4" tail 
   3 3/8" nose 
   16 1/2" wheelbase

Perfect for the family, girlfriend or avid skater wanting that surfing Pump skate feel !

Helping aspiring Paddlesurfers to learn to pump their boards to gain speed and improve on muscle memory in the water, the carver skateboards are easy! 

Front truck  6.5" Cx / rear truck C2 - The Carver CX.4 truck with a few carves side to side you immediately begin to generate speed, and with a little more pumping you can gain significant speed. The thrust generated is so powerful you can even pump uphill.So whether you’re surfing the sidewalk, flowing through a skatepark or big-wave surfing downhill, you never have to put your foot down to make a section. For years many longboard companies have falsely claimed that their boards ‘feel just like surfing’, but we took that promise seriously. What you get with a CX is a truck that has all the thrust and pump of a surfskate but with a stiffer and more stable pushing platform. 
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