Scarfini Thruster Bamboo (3) fins

Scarfini Thruster Bamboo (3) fins

Product Code: Scarfini thruster (3) Bamboo fins
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HX-Bamboo - Size: (M) - Medium

Optimum weight range for surfers from 60kg to 80kg

A magic all round combo made up of the HX4 side fin and the HX1 centre fin. Lots of Drive with a nice loose feel in a fantastic looking fin.

Front Fin

Base: 117mm/ 4.61"

Height: 119mm/ 4.69"

Area: 10069mm2/ 15.61"2

Centre Fin

Base: 107mm/ 4.2"

Height: 112mm/ 4.41"

Area: 9172mm2/ 14.22"2


Handmade honeycomb fibreglass Shark Skin Coating & Carbon Fibre base

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