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I thought I would take the opportunity to start to build a library of front wing sizes for quick reference. Naish Thrust M : 1032cm2 Naish Thrust L : 1235cm2 Naish Thrust XL : 1572cm2 KENALU 580 : 1084cm2 KENALU 775 : 1496cm2 KENALU 970 : 1994cm2
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So you’ve been doing a little research and now you’re utterly confused as to what might be a suitable foil for your entry into this new incarnation of ‘I must now fly on water’ Getting the right foil might be a simple decision such as ‘how much
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Fancy a great weekend in Cornwall blasting about on boats , learning to ride hydrofoils and drinking great beverage …sign up ! Myself and Wavehunters aka Mr Andy Cameron are going all out so you can experience some cool new toys to ride …also book yourself some class accommodation
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